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Is it possible to open a read-only database without a username and password using CWP?

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I am upgrading all of my applications to Filemaker Pro Server 8 Advanced and would like to allow users to access the ones that are read-only without a username and password. I have tried automatically opening the database with a password and enabling the Guest account, but nothing works.

Is there a way to do this with CWP?

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You are part of the way there. Enable the Guest Account. Duplicate the FMP default Read-Only privilege set and customize it to your needs. Attach that privilege Set to the Guest Account. Be sure to add the Extended Privileges for fmxm; and fmxslt. Do not add these privieges for any other Privilege Set. Then when users call the database from the CGI on your web page, it will open without challenge.

This is not necessarily a good idea, so I would dramatically restrict the Privileges in the modified Prvilege Set.

More information can be found in the Security White Paper found on the FMI web site.


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