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Related fields with inline actions

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Help, please!

I have a page on our Intranet for office announcements.

When you click the link, it's a search return for "social announcements" down the left of the page whilst the right hand side has an inline action to find "items for sale" from the same simple database.

This works fine, except that the submitter's email address and phone extension are related fields from our contact list. These show up on the left side, but not on the return from the Inline action.

Why won't my inline action show the same related field?

thanks, Jeff

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Quick question. Are you using Lasso by any chance ?

Also, I've discovered that if you have long field/Relationship names, and spaces in either, some rather wierd results come up.

The other strage thing I've discovered is that the portal on the web layout should have LARGE rows with the fileds in the middle so that there's no chance of overlapping (unlike in the regular view portal we make that are edge-to-edge with the fields).

Lastly, some layouts (probably due to corruption in the layout) do not show certain fields and copying and pasting the layout doesn't help.

If you wish to check, and have Claris HomePage, use it's built-in Filemaker assistant to connect to the database and use the layout you are currently using. If the field doesn't showup, use a new layout with all the fields re-inserted. Painful, but way less painful than not having it working!!

Rgds, Partha Dasgupta

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This topic is 8361 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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