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Programically Change Serial Number

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In the Define Fields Options Auto Enter - Serial Number Dialog Box, you can assign a number, such as 1.

Let's say you have an "x" amount of records, and you want to delete all, and reimport a new set of records.

Is there a way to programically reset that field option back to 1, so the newly imported records start with a value of 1?

I know its unorthodox way of doing things, however, it needs to be done somehow.

Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance,


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Fenton, thanks for responding so quickly. I was thinking the same thing.

That should do the trick

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I am not getting u in right way.......

why u want to change the Serial Number programically?

But i have a query for u?

can i apply Fields Properties (Auto Enter, Validation Storgae etc)

programically on a field for FM database.

i have to need query for this (apply fields Options properties) and i using FM ODBC.

can u help me about this for me for strike at the point.

Thanks to u ......................Have a great day.



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Hi fenton,

Have u any idea about the Apply properties programmatically on Fields( AutoEnter , Validation , Furigana etc)

on a FM database.

I am using FM database for this & execute the query for apply the property.

I have applied only index property on the FM database.

can u give me the trick for this?

if u have please do favour for me.

Have a nice day............

thanks & regards:


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