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TOG Model

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Hey guys, was reading some articles on FM Advisors website and saw some other references to an almighty TOG Model that a frenchman wrote.

I was wondering if anyone knew where that article was either on fm advisor or any other website so I could read it and improve my development capabilities through organization ;)

Thanks in advance for any help!

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Actually, in the FM Dev conventions doc, they credit Roger Jacques of Soliant Consulting as the author of perhaps the first article that describes the anchor/buoy approach. It's from the Sept 2005 issue of FM Advisor. I can't find it on their site, but I hate the interface to their search.

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Managing the FileMaker Pro 7 Relationship Graph

Explore a well-researched methodology for Relationships Graph configuration in FileMaker 7

By Roger Jacques, Soliant Consulting technical project leader

FileMaker Advisor Link

Happy FileMaking Ralph Nusser

Sogetes Computer-Services

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