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Multiple Time Stamps

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I have a question on the time stamps. In our "notes field" we place a time stamp for when a person calls in, then lets say a week from now we need to place a new time stamp for the new note that we need to enter. The problem I am coming across right now is the time stamp is erasing everything that was before it and putting the "up to date" time stamp there.

The question is how do those old timestamps stay there, when I hit timestamp a couple days later.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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I take it there's a "TimeStamp" button that puts the current TS in the Notes field. This is probably attached to a script or is a one step button that does:

SetField [TO::Note; Get (CurrentTimeStamp) ]

So, it's replacing what is already in the field with the TS. What you want to do is append (or precede) the new TS and note to the content of the notes field:

Set Field [TO::Note; Get (CurrentTimeStamp) & ":" & & TO::Note]

Which pushes down the old entry and adds a new TS to the top of the text in the Note field.

You may also consider having a table for the Notes. Then setup a portal to the notes from the parent record, each in its own record with its own timestamp.

is the carriage return or new paragraph symbol.

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