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Basic XML request


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Hi Guys,

Kind of weird...

I can get this to return what its meant to (so all my xml settings are correct):



But this one keeps returning missing parameters (and i'm going off the fm examples)

I can also get other basic calls to fmresultset.xml working like -view etc... just not the one directly above which returns a missing parameter error.

[color:blue]EDIT[ That was the case for the first few days i tried it, but now its working.. What could have been causing the error? ]

Any ideas are appreciated - Using FMSA 8.04.128

Also, is there anyway to pass the username and password of the account you want to use (i couldn't find that in the cwp doc). I mean i've set up guest access, but that's not necessarily what i want.

Thanks Guys!

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Hey Genx. Your syntax is perfect, so this really threw me for a loop. I have no idea how it happened, but each "-" in your argument names is not a normal dash. Instead of ASCII 0x2D, it is a unicode value 0x1320.

I just deleted the "-" and types in a new one in the browser. You have to do this for the "-db", "-lay" and "-findall" and then it starts working.

Did this URL get typed into Microsoft Word by any chance?


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Ah, I'm fairly new to the whole using XML as XML side of FileMaker.

That being the case, I may actually have copied it from the FM CWP PDF, on to notepad, made various changes to the basic string and then tried the url - while this was a couple of weeks ago now and i can't really recall if i did the above, it sounds like something i might do. After that, i probably kept trying variations of the same copied and pasted string.

Its good to know that I won't randomly receive that error - I'm just happy there's some sort of explanation.

Cheers Geoff.

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This topic is 6160 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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