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Record Editting in Portals


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David Kachel in his White Papers (which are quite good I might add) has a technique for editting portal records outside of doing it in the portal by :(

"create an additional relationship to the table in question. Make it a one-to-one relationship using a global field as the Primary key and the existing ID of the related record as the foreign key. Put fields from that relationship on a platform on the layout along with a New Record button. Attach this button to a script that creates a new record in the related table, grabs the ID number of the new record and inserts it into the new global primary key field. Also, put a button over the portal row that sets the global primary key field to that records ID number, so that existing portal records may be edited in the fields on the platform. You'll have to make certain your scripts empty this global field when you change records in the primary table. This is only a few minutes extra work and makes for a far more professional looking interface."

I like this idea and was wondering if someone has a simple sample database I could see implementing this technique.


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This topic is 6158 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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