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Question to choice relationship


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I building a testing solution using Filemaker.

I have one table for questionText and another table for choices. Some questions are presented to the user with a hidden answer and in such cases, When the user clicks a show button, the answer is shown. Whereas some other questions appear as Multiple choice questions with 4-6 choices for the user to choose. Total number of choices vary from question to question. That one question might have only 3 choices and some other question might have upto 6 choices displayed.

A set of choices make sense only in the context of a particular question only & Each choice on its own might not be repeated elsewhere.

Like for example,

For a question like,

[color:blue]Which is the world's most user friendly database? The choices make sense only if they occur as a set along with a particular question only like





and not something like a randomly generated 4 items from a table like

1. Moon

2. Kiwi

3. Word

4. FileMaker

..just to show that a calculation to randomly pick 4 values from a table might not be worthy of being used.

In this scenario, would the relationship between a question and its choices better be a one to one relationship or should it better be a one to many relationship?

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This topic is 6130 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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