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Anyone got experience with Filemaker and Mac OSX v10.4 on a G5


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I am in the transition period from PPC to Intel, and installation of Aperture. My main box is an Apple G5 DP running OSX 10.3.9 and I have the upgrade software to go to OS 10.4+ but have not yet installed it. I also have a recent Intel MacBook Pro running 10.4.9.

Problem I'm experiencing is not unusual. If I run the current OS I cant run Aperture in the G5. If I upgrade the OS I suspect I will 'leave behind' some of the other software I rely on.

My query is about one main piece of software I use - Filemaker Pro 5.5 which runs a database I created handling my analog image collection, client info, deliveries and invoices, accounts etc. It works cleanly and quickly and allows great flexiblity in preparing material for output.

I downloaded the trial of Filemaker Pro 9 and it didn't like my old database when I tried to import it into the Intel laptop, and many functions seemed to have gone awol in the conversion to the newer software.

I cant experiment with this in the G5 as Filemaker is a key management tool in my work and any complications I need to overcome will impact seriously on my work.

So my question is - for anyone with experience with Filemaker in G5's - if I go to OSX10.4 upwards on this non-Intel machine will Filemaker V5.5 still run? And if not, are there any ways around this - eg using Classic environment?

Thank you.

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I have 10.4.10 on eMac G4 and FM6 still runs. I also habe FM Server 9 running on a G3 with a G4/500 chip!!!

You will need to upgrade to 10.4.8+ in order to run FMP9.

Sounds like you need to upgrade to FM9 before you get left behind.

If you want help with the conversion then e-mail me privately.

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I am trying to find out how to run FMP Advanced 8.5 on an XServe running OS X 10.4.10. I need to have web sharing on without being logged in to the server, for security reasons. Any ideas? Should I be using a different version?

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This topic is 5990 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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