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Find Like Date Two different Files


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I am using FM 5.5 I need to find the same records in two different files.

When I use the Script I created it just keeps looping to infinity.

I have records with a select checkbox in one record, the same checkbox in the second file,

I can do the finds seperatly but when I try to implement them in a script it just loops.

Thanks in advance.

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If you can find the records you want to print then you have most of it.

"I would like to find the same list so i can print or view a group of records."

Are you trying to print one record per page or multiple records on one page? I guess that would explain why you are using a loop if it's the 1st.

Could you post a copy of the script you are using so we can figure out why it is stuck in the loop?


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The Script, there are two files one is student and the other is forms

I have a field that is called select which resides on the forms file, I have put it on the student file list layout.

the script start with

perform find(restore, replace)

Go to layout list

perform Script (external script forms find mark)

the find just finds all the yes's in the select field

I use a check box

When I go do the finds individually I can get it to work, when I try to automate it, it just loops.

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I still don't see a loop. Or how you are getting stuck in a loop. A script that performs a find and then calls another find script in another file isn't going to "Loop".

Are you getting a "No records match this find request" error? If so, is it in the First script or the External Script?

Is that ALL of both scripts?

One thing you can try yourself is insert Pause Steps(eg...right before a find is performed, after a sort....etc) in both of the scripts to try and see where the problem might be. You can always remove them after you get it working.

BTW IF you have access to the Developer Version, you can use the Script Debugger Instead of the pauses.


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This topic is 6122 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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