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searching question

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Hey all...I am so not used to the search/report functionality of FM. Could someone explain to me the following script setup.

i have a table of records that I am trying to get where one field is equal to only a few string values and another field is only equal to a few values. the best i can do is give a sql based version of what this script will look like...



WHERE (Stage = "value1" or Stage = "value2")

AND (Status = "value3" or Status = "value4")

I hope that helps to define it a bit.


Extend Found Set...why not just allow the entering of multiple criteria on the same field in the initial find.

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Depending on the data set you're working with, you might do it like this, starting from a layout based on a FEE table occurrence:

Find request 1: Stage = "value1", Status = "value3"

Find request 2: Stage = "value1", Status = "value4"

Find request 3: Stage = "value2", Status = "value3"

Find request 4: Stage = "value2", Status = "value4"

or like this (assumes you only have 4 "Status" values, so omits the first 2)???

Find request 1: Stage = "value1"

Find request 2: Stage = "value2"

Find request 3: Status = "value1" OMIT

Find request 4: Status = "value2" OMIT

This isn't code, it's just a way of describing the Find requests, which you can do manually or script. See:


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