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Repeating Fields, Line Item Scripts

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Solution: Repeating Fields, Line Item Scripts

Description: Sometimes repeating fields are all you need for line items in a project. Here is a sample with a few scripts to help you copy, paste, insert, delete, and move the line items around.

Note, the move script is interesting, with a simple loop I have reduced the proceed down to three clicks.

Enjoy, and thanks!

P.S. These are just some tools in case you need to use repeating fields. My regrets, if this post or repeating fields offend in any way, so I will excuse myself from those needs.

Working Under:

Solution Status: Beta


Author(s)??? David Schellenberg / Rivet Design Communications

Date: 09/23/07


Instructions / Other Info:


FM Forums does not endorse or warrantee these files are fit for any particular purpose. Do not post or distribute files without written approval from the copyright owner. All files are deemed public domain unless otherwise indictated. Please backup every file that you intend to modify.


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Sometimes repeating fields are all you need for line items in a project

When? Except if the purpose is to pay tribute to ignorance?

Believe me this is going to be one of the whopping downloads, but it's:

Teaching is a calling. Doing it badly is unforgivable. Teaching beginners is sacred. Doing it badly is a venal sin. Teaching FileMaker beginners in a way that guarantees they will have bad results is a mortal sin. There is a special place in hell where the deceased pretentious teacher must sit through an endless FSA meeting and beg to have pins stuck into their eyes for relief from the unbearable torture

This is a Michael Harris quote, that says it all ... David Kachel does in a similar way warn about the cute and clever ...


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FileMaker themselves finally fixed their Business Productivity Kit. The latest download FINALLY does away with repeating fields as LineItems and shows a true (although a bit weak) 1:n structure for Sales Orders to LineItems and Projects to Tasks.

I really like repeating fields. But NOT NOT NOT for data ... ever.

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