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Filemaker server Admin console unresponsive

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Hello all, I hope there's some one who can help in the next two hours out there :)

I explain better my problem:

today we were trying to set up a second instance of filemaker server database, so we installed it in two machines (as we need a backup server and in the first one it seems to be not properly configured - even if service was running -). Filemaker server remains running on three machines at the same time for hours. I've tried later to enter the admin console of the first (and primary) filemaker server. After clicking on the fms adm. icon on my desktop and after splash windows close, I've been not asked to login by the applet and the consolle didn't start as usual: it seems that filemaker server is unresponsive on TCP/IP through the port # 16000. I cannot load the administration pannel even on localhost machine (localhost:16000).

No firewall activated, no update or change has been made since the last time I logged in filemaker administration consolle, last friday.

Actually I'm working via command line (as file sharing fortunally, works as usaual).

Italian cust. help told that the second instance of filemaker daemon on the LAN could be the cause of this mis-configuration.. I don't know this, not sure about this. I'm looking for a soultion w/out restart filemaker server service and/or machine. And w/out necessary installa filemakerd server v2 this evening.

Anyone can help me?

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This topic is 6110 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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