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Calculated (Supplemental) Field

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I have a call log db solution that allows our customers to log problems by email. My question is to do with Server 9 & SQL integration - so I hope i'm in the correct area :B

We use two SQL tables for 'mail_in' and 'mail_out'. I have added the SQL 'mail_in' table to my FM Schema & created a relationship to 'match' the incoming domain address to the correct customer in my FM Customers table...

My problem is this - I'm wanting the server to execute the send/receive script by schedule & i'm having a problem with my only supplemental field. The supplemental field I have in my shadow table uses the above relation to 'lookup/calculate' the desired 'destination' customer contract for the inbound email.

When I execute this script on an FM client, the calculated field 'looks up' the value and the call is placed on the correct contract perfectly, however, when the server executes this script, the supplemental field doesn't lookup the required value automatically (which I need it to do by the time the script completes).

Is there another way to do this??

I kind of understand why the server (not being an FM client) doesn't do this, however I've tried to add some additional script steps for it to 'force' the population of this field without having to manually 'fetch' the value from the other customer table each time. Script steps i've tried are various refresh/flush looked up values etc

I hope this is clear?

Any help appreciated.


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This topic is 6099 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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