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New user - inventory database and linking documents


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Hi all - first posting

I am new to db's and am looking for a way to setup a link between my current database and some form letters (ie inventory assignments, user contracts, repair waybill) I have one list setup and would like to link with a button to some printable documents that import information like serial numbers, make, model and from another list (not yet setup) of user names and profiles. I would also like to set up a third that would have account information (names, $ amounts, items taken, returned, etc.)

Also would like to have as a standalone db for other colleagues to use without the ability to edit and modify db setups only to add and delete entries (no layout mods or script mods)

Seems like a big project to me but maybe someone knows of simple and effective ways to link all this information.

I am using FM7 and have 8 in a box that I purchased in June (only to discover 9 had been released shortly after).

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There are 2 aspects to your request. The first has to do with structure and relationships. The second can be accomplished by understanding how to set up Privilege sets and attaching user accounts to a set that can make changes and others to a set that can view but not make changes. Do the latter under the File menu and then pick "Define" and then "Accounts and Privileges...".

Relationships are between tables. The relationship is between 2 fields usually. So if you had a Customer table and an Invoice table you could relate new Invoices to a Customer by picking the Customer ID of the Customer that the new invoice would belong to.

So in the Customer table you might have a field called kpCustomerID and in the Invoice table another field called kfCustomerID. If you have an identical value in the two fields then the two records would be related or would be able to "see" each other.

I'm not clear on the tables you need so I can't go much further. But if you read up on relationships and lookup fields that would help you out in getting started.

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This topic is 6102 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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