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I don't understand this.

I have a relationship between two tables, table A and table B, in the same database. The relationship works fine.

I have that same relationship between those two tables in another database, viewed through some other relationships, and it won't work.

What's strange, however, is that if I mess around with the database definitions, and view the relationships enough, , but don't change anything, eventually the relationship will work.

Is this an indexing problem, or am I working with corrupted databases?

Thanks for the help, comrades.


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It will be helpful if you can describe the keys and the relationship in detail, and provide example data that works and doesn't work. Maybe post a screenshot of the relationship graph or a clone of the file.

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Pretty nebulous, difficult to diagnose. In my experience when something sometimes works and sometimes doesn't, it usually means there are inconsistencies in the data (the relationship just isn't valid when you think it should be), or context (it works from one place, but not from another, because one is a different context, layout, etc.).

Of course it could also be corrupted, or just unhappy indexes (this can happen with files that have gone through several versions of FileMaker, in particular 8.1). We don't know the condition of your files, so there's little we can say about that. You might want to try turning the indexes off, then turning them back on again.

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This topic is 6098 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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