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Saving imported images to the database

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When importing an image to my database, I currently use the "File Name" field to relate the image (so that it is available for viewing as a container field on other layouts). The only problem with this is that the images are stored on a single hard drive, so when I place the database on the web (IWP), filemaker can't find the files and the main images are lost (only the thumbnail remains). Is there a way to use this same import method to upload the image to the database, but then save the image directly in the database so that it is available online? Is there a reason that the thumbnail is stored on the database, but not the main image?

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There are various restrictions under IWP.

Last time I checked if you want containers displayed in IWP you must store your images either:

1. In the database, ie NOT as a reference


2. In the WEB folder within the FMP or FMS application.

Have a good read of the IWP documentation.

Here's a clue from the docs:

"Important Images can either be stored inside the database itself or, for best performance, stored as file

reference using a relative path. If you’re hosting the database with FileMaker Pro, referenced image and

movie files must be stored in the Web folder, in the FileMaker Pro folder. "

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This topic is 6097 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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