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Inserting multiple versions of 'same' field


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Hi folks,

Hope you might be able to help out.

I'm setting up a large database, for which one of my goals is to automate the process of producing a quote for customers.

I have 3 tables - one for customers, one for appliances (that we sell), and one for quotes.

As I'm still testing this out, I have created 3 customer records (John, James, Peter) and 3 appliance records (Oven, Washing Machine, Tumble Dryer). I want to create one record for each quote I produce. The customer name will be at the top, and underneath will be a list of appliances that he/she has ordered.

The customer part is fine - the relationships automatically fill in their contact details when I enter their name.

The Problem: I have created a relationship whereby I choose an appliance by its model number (Field: 'Model Number') from a drop-down list, and then the associated price (Field: 'List Price') is automatically filled in. The List Price is referenced from the Appliance records.

However, I want to create a quote with multiple appliances. When I insert another 'Model Number' field, and another referenced 'List Price' field, the List Price fields only show the price of the first item.

How can I associate the 2nd List Price field with the 2nd Model Number field?

Thanks for your help!



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This topic is 6094 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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