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Have a small Filemaker DB I made for a local club, nothing special, ID, Name, Address ect. They would like it setup so that a member can just enter their ID and Filemaker will keep a record of attendences, Name, Date, Time. What would be the correct way to setup Filemaker? Should I create a new layout with Name, Date & Time fields and have FM create a new record each time someone enters their ID or is there some way to create a list of attendences without FM creating a new record for each? My reason for asking is that after several years of say 50 to 70 people entering their ID weekly, wouldn't this create a rather large DB. I have looked through the Filemaker Templates and can't find any that have a layout I could use. Many Thanks.

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You need at least 2 tables, one for People, one for Attendance; optionally a 3rd table for Meetings, if there's anything special about the meeting other than the date (like location, or name), or if you want to create the meeting ahead of time; otherwise you can imply a meeting by the date.

Do not worry about the number of records. You can have a very "tall" table (lots of records, few fields). It is not until you get into the hundreds of thousands before you really notice much; and even then only for some things, which you can generally program around.

Yes, you're right, there is no simple FileMaker template for this. But it is not complex, and you may be better off building it from scratch.

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This topic is 6093 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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