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I've got a database with job descriptions for our agency. The database needs to hold all the job description data and generate evaluation and training reports. Simple enough, I figured. I created text fields for the appropriate areas, filled them and created reports that display this data.

I've come across some limitations however from this approach and realize I may need to create more complex relationships. The main issue lies with the duties for each job description which vary in number and the responsibilities of each.

So say a person 1) Manages staff, 2) Completes monitoring reports, and 3) Watches YouTube when nobody is around. Underneath these duties would be methods by which the duty is performed.

Main Goal:

I'd like to be able to add duties, and then methods by how they are performed one at a time with a button/icon of some sort, and have it number/letter them or add bullets as I wish.

Secondary Goal:

With the main goal completed, I'd like to add two (or one) corresponding fields that relate to the duty being completed either satisfactorily, or unsatisfactorily (for the eval report).

Having trouble attaching the file. So I'll see what turns up before I do that.


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This topic is 6092 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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