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Commit Records affects what record(s)?

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I have a script in my primary file that processes records in that file and updates/adds records in a separate "log" file. The script finds an existing log record using a relationship between the two files. When a new record is needed, the primary script performs an "add record" script in the log file.

While I was updating the primary script, I noticed a "Commit Records" step following the setting of several fields in a log record. I disabled that step because, at the point in the script, I did not want to commit changes in the primary file.

Everything seemed to keep working as before ... until I opened the log file and attempted to delete a record. FileMaker refused to delete the record because it was in use. A short while later, I was able to delete the record. Hmmm.

The help for Commit Records/Requests says ...

Commits a record. The Commit Record/Request script step exits the current record or find request, updating field data and making no field active.

This raises the question of what "current record" actually means:

  • the current record in the table associated with the current layout?
  • the record most recently modified?
  • the record most recently referenced?
  • all modified records?
  • the current record in all active tables?

If anyone knows for sure, it will save me a bunch of experimenting.

P.S. As I reviewed this post, I noticed the script step name uses the plural "Records" while the Help text uses the singular "record" (including incorrectly naming the script step). Another hmmm.

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AFAIK, Commit Records/Requests[] will commit the current record AND any open related records ('current record' being the record currently selected in the table on which the frontmost window's layout is based).

I suggest you read the relevant chapter in the "Migration Foundations and Methodologies" white paper (page 74 and on), available from Filemaker, Inc., where these issues as discussed in detail.

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This topic is 6092 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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