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Plugins on the server

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On the Admin application to manage the server there's a plugin tab.

Can i install regular FMPro plugins on the server and have clients using them without needing to install them?

Is every plugins server compatible?

I've been experimenting with myFmButler do script.

I've installed it in the extensions directory of the server. It's enabled on the plugin tab on the server admin, but when I try using the default function to call it, from a client that doesn't have it installed locally, I get an error...


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This is something I have often wondered as well...

I have never done anything with plugins to date, but with a current project I was going to look into that newer one which allows for script triggering. I believe it is called (or made by) zipp tools (or something similar)?

Anyhow, in concept it would make sense to me that the 'host' (be it a client or a server copy of FMP) would be the machine checking for the triggering of a script - and results would just carry over into machines connecting to that file? If all copies were doing the same thing it almost feels like duplicate content would/could be created...

Anyhow that is my current thought process - I will need to dig in for a definite answer soon, so if someone around here does have a deeper insight it would be appreciated :)

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There are some server side plug-ins that work with IWP. One that comes to mind is the xmChart plug-in.

Another that responds to data changes from IWP is the fmDataGuard from WorldSync. it creates audit trails, roll forwards, and rollbacks.

Again, please remember that these plug-ins must be specifically configured by their developers to work in this fashion.


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This topic is 6014 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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