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background color of fields in portals?


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First what I would like to achieve:

- The body of a layout with a set background color.

- A Portal with rows having alternate background colors

My problem:

In order to show the portal rows with alternate background color rows I set the fields in the portal row to transparent; however when someone edits the record (or uses find-mode) suddenly the fields show up in the color of the layout body.

I tried putting an (invisible) white area behind the portal but this doesn't work. Only when I put a large colored area behind the complete layout with the body set to transparent the fields in the portal seem to use the color defined for the portal. This solution however is not preferable because when resizing or zooming the layout you get either scroll-bars or you see the layout with a rim of white everywhere outside the color-defined-background-area.

Does anyone have a suggestion or trick on how to get my portal rows to show up in the colors defined for the portal (when editing or finding)?

I'm using FM4.1 for Windows.



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Whenever you edit a transparent field, it takes on the color of the body part. You you need to do a slight variation on what you are already doing.

Set the body color to something like white or some color that says to you "hey, I'm the currently edited field". Then put a large box over the whole body part and give it the color you want for your background. Now send it to the back with the arrange menu.

Now all of your parts should be the correct colors, except the field that the user clicked into which will be the color of the body, or rather a highlight color.

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This topic is 7534 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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