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3 databases, portals, lookups & problems!


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I have three databases (more to follow), which include

1. Sales (invoices) database

2. Sales Lineage database - record per product sold linked to inv. no.

3. Stock Control - created product code, desc., price, commission, supplier name, re-order level, stock room level, allocated(sold), stock available(stock room level - allocated). The allocated can only be reduced once the product has left the stock room ie: delivered.

The sales(invoices) database generates an invoice number, allows you to fill in the client info (or lookup from client database) and then enters you into the portal window where you are asked for a product code. This is written as a new record in the 'Sales lineage' db which in turn, looks up the description and price from the stock control db.

The sales(invoices) db then also shows stock available to sell. When I type in the qty I want it to be added to the figure in the 'allocated' field on the Stock Control db and thus would calculate that there is a reduction or increase in the stock available.

I cannot for love nor money get the figure to change without causing a circular - even by writing in hidden fields. Please somebody help me with this problem!!!?

Thank you for reading this

nb: I think I need the sales database to add up the qty of each product and that figure to be added to the stock control allocated figure, but how?

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Matt, you posted this (in different forms) to a couple of different forums. We do not allow multiple postings. In the future please post into the most appropriate forum only.

Here is the response that I posted to another one of your posts:

You didn't say how you are creating these records, so I'll assume that you are just entering data directly into the portal. This is fine in most situations, except where you need a cascade of things to happen. In that case you should script the procedure.

Setup a script that mimics your existing procedure and follows that with an updating of the Stock Control fields. Attach this script to a button on the invoices screen.

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This topic is 7534 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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