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Create portal record from script & "Paste" into it?


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I have a sales database with two seperate portals. One searches for a product code from stock control giving me stock available, price, description, etc. The other writes to a sales lineage database.

I select the product in the first portal and enter required quantity.

Then I click on a button "Add to Order" and it adds my quantity to the 'allocated' field in the stock control database and then copies the product code and quantity to the second portal and writes with it the invoice number, salesperson, client ID from invoicing database.


I can enter the first product perfectly. In the script I ask it to go to next portal row when entering the next copy and paste but it overwrites the first entry of the second portal.

I then tried to set up a field that increments+1 for every new item and get it to go to portal row by field value - still no joy!

Does anyone know how I can paste into the second portal record? (basically create new record and past product code and quantity)

Thank you

Matt Lightbourn - [email protected]

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2 portals on the same layout is problematic. Filemaker does not specifically identify portals, so when doing manipulation on portals you are really gambling on working on the correct one.

The prefered method would be to run a script in the related file which then does the function directly in that file on the specified record.

You are scripting this anyway so, it is just a matter of moving that functionality to the other database file and calling that external script from the invoicing DB.

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This topic is 7532 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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