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Having trouble relating 3 value lists to eachother...

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Hi there

My apologies for repeating this question for the xth time, but I've read most of the threads relating to this problem and have tried to implement proposed solutions, without much success.

I have 4 tables:

1 - Families, providing a list of families

2 - Genera, providing a list of genera linked to a family

3 - Species, providing a list of species linked to a genus (Genera)

4 - DNK, showing a sample identification record with additional information about each sample.

Should be able to create new genera linked to existing families and new species linked to existing genera.

In table DNK, needs to show the Genera for the selected Family, and then the Species for the selected genus.

I'm attaching a reduced version of the database for demonstration. Have NOOOOOOOOOO idea what I'm doing wrong anymore. Can anyone be of assistance?

P.S. If a login screen is produced, just type admin and leave password empty. For testing, only use families Terebridae or Conidae as no other Genera have been created.


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Relationships have to have the same type of field on both sides.

Try this...

BTW: G. Raybaudi Massilia is my sister.

( Conus biraghii, bondarevi, jeanmartini, korni, lizarum ...)


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Hi Daniele

This is sooooo embarrassing : , such a beginner's mistake and I didn't even catch the error myself. You'd think this is my first database...

Thank you for pointing out the obvious to me! :


P.S. I was already wondering about the name... :

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