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Portal Problems - Showing all records


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Here's my situation:

I have 2 files, Main.fp5 and contacts.fp5. Main.fp5 is a "jump-point" file to all other files. In the contacts layout in Main.fp5 I would like to create a portal that displays all contacts for our company. Clicking on on a contact would open the contacts.fp5 file. I cannot figure out what kind of relationship to setup here. Obviously I need some sort of key field that is part of every new contact file so that the contact will display in the portal.

I set up a key field in both files called it "cutomer_origin". I set the relationship to match these fileds and was able to see all contacts in the Main.fp5 portal. However, I could not select of delete records from the portal, or rather, when I deleted a portal record it deletes all contacts since they all share the same key field.

Here is what I am trying to accomplish:

I essentially would like a list view of the records contained in my file. However, I want the list ocntained withtin the layout so the user can scroll through entries without scrolling the entire layout. The layout consists of a "fixed" size rectangle (tabbed-interface).

Is there a way to do this? Am I just really confused?


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In layout mode, double-click on the portal, the popup-window contains a checkbox which allows the deletion of related records. You need to click in the portal row and then press (apple+e or control+e), you will then be prompted if you wish to delete the 'master' or the 'related' record.

Hope this helps.


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This topic is 7511 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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