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Need an autofill tweak in this solution

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Seasons greetings, everybody!

Please login to the Guest account in the attached file, then click the Enter button on the splash screen--you should end up on the Documentation tab. (Mind you, this is a work in progress so please excuse the digital dust.)

I'm having a devil of a time trying to set up the TOs and relationships properly so hopefully one of the more wizened among you will know how to make the solution work: What I want to happen is when a user enters a document number--in this example, 3210-06--the rest of that document's related fields will autofill the portaled record with related data previously entered in the Documentation table. I created the AD_Related_Documents table to store the portaled records since I don't want the portal to add records to the Documentation table, just look at them as a reference.

Am I heading down the right path or is my schema all bollixed up? TIA for your help!


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I see no portal on the Documentation layout. I'd suggest you post a simple file showing only what's necessary to solve a problem. As it is, all I can tell you is that "3210-06" is not the same thing as "3210-06 " (trailing space).

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