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counting records

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Hello, I'm trying to accomplish something that looks quite simple to me (at least on SQL world) but I'm stuck.

Basically, I would like to define a field (version) that calculates the number of records having the same "trace number" of the record + 1.

I have found this function that could help me http://www.briandunning.com/cf/894

but I'm not sure how I can use it.

Can anyone help me out :


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I solved it: even if I'm sure there is a much nicer way.

I performed a find and after I saving the max + 1

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But how well does it scale, knowing that CF's usually only manages some 10K iterations - without tail recursion?

The question is asked to abstract to give a proper answer! What you seems to be after is:


...although it's an old fart being in fm3 format does it still have it's bearing, since any kind of aggregation over a found set with calc' functions opposed to summary functions not are designed to scale particular well.

Filemaker keep up these two things primary because the prospect users of the application, originate from a spreadsheet'ish background ... but dealing with sets beyond some 40 records have unfortunately to be done with either the Paco di Pacioli approach the template shows or genuine summary fields, in subsummary reports - not calc'fields!


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