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Space Between Checkboxes

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Hi. I have a checkbox set with three checkboxes, yes, no, and n/a. Is there any way to reduce the spacing between the checkboxes?

Thank you for your help.

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I assume that you want to reduce the spaces from the boxes vertically.

If so, select that field in Layout Mode and go playing with:

Format >> Line Spacing >> Custom... >> Height: "from 16 to 12 px" <-- this is an example because it depends by the font size


If you want to reduce the space horizzontally, you have two chances:

1) Format the font style of that field to "Condense" ( while in Layout Mode )

2) Create 3 value list, each one of only a value and than attach each value to 3 occurrences of the same field. So you'll have 3 box completely independent and movable on the layout

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