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[HELP!] how to dump all fields from fp7 files into .csv files?

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I have a number of fp7 files which all belong to a single application (it's an inventory and purchasing app).

The developer has long since left and my customer wants to "dump" all fields and records (no filtering required) into Excel (.csv or similar format).

What is the simplest way of getting the data from these fp7 files into Excel?

I am a nube, so please can you help with the basic steps.

I have the ODBC driver installed and tried to "pull" data from the fp7 files but the ODBC is asking for some server and port numbers. These are just files, no server is running...

Also, if I try to open the fp7 files in filemaker pro, it says sharing is not enabled and closes.

I can open the application the developer wrote but from here how do I get to the "back end" design environment? All menu options are disabled.

Many thanks in advance...

mark O

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There's something a little confusing here - FMP3 client and FM7 server? - the two versions cannot work together.

If the menu options have been disabled then there's a great chance the files are password protected. Without the username/password you won't be able to get into them. Once you have them enabled then there is a File>Export option.

I have heard of people discussing some password "cracker" software - but I couldn't vouch for it.

Call the developer, or possibly FileMaker.

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