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In my database, I store cases assigned to me. Within each record I store a PDF version of that case in a field Case Brief::Case PDF.

I send a form email to the victims of each case requesting further info. The problem is I want to attach the PDF case to the email when I send it to refresh their memory on the case to which I am referring. The attachment part is where I get lost. Thanks for everyone's help. Im using work's version of 8.5.

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Basically, assign the file path to a script variable. Then use the script variable in the Export dialog. Then also use it again in the Email's attachment dialog. There are numerous posts here about using script variables as paths. There is also info in the FileMaker Help.

There is also a question about where to export it to. If indeed it needs to be exported (you did not say whether it was "embedded" in the container field, or only inserted [x] as reference only).

You can export it to your desktop, using the Get (DesktopPath), or you can figure out where your "temp" folder is. Several possibilities. But you should be able to find posts here about it.

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Thanks Fenton for the quick reply. I've spent time on your website, so it's an honor to get an answer from you.

I am really in over my head on these scripts but I got these from Hans. It creates the email and an attachment...however the attachment is not my attachment, just a small file (2kb) that can't be opened. Somewhere in the document path I am lost. Below are the three scripts I am using:

1.Import Document Script

Insert File [Reference; Case Brief::Case PDF]

2.Set Document Path

Set Variable [$$_document_path; Value:Let ( [path = Get (DesktopPath) ]; path )]

3.Send Mail

Set Variable [$_document_temp;Value:”/*Let(file_name = Case Brief::FileName; full_path = $$_document_path & file_name];full_path)*/”]

Export Field Contents [Case Brief::Case PDF; “$_document_temp”]

Send Mail [To:Case Brief::SM Name; Message: Case Brief::SM Name; “$_document_temp”]

My container field is Case Brief::Case PDF and it is referenced only.

My field name is Case Brief::File Name.

Please respond in terms a 3rd grader would understand. Thanks again.

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Sorry about my last post being so screwed up. I've figured it out now. Lesson - don't post that early in the morning.

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