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Full Access with limitations

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I am creating a database that will be maintained by someone else. I want to give them full access to the application, but I want to keep a user account that I can access in case they have any kind of problems.

If I create a second user with full access privileges, they will have the privilege to delete my account. Is there a way to restrict them from deleting or modifying my account? Is there a possibility for a superuser that cannot be modified by the full access privilege?

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Carefully, very carefully you can construct a database where the "superusers" as you call them can do everything except access the Manage Accounts and privileges section. Using a script set to run with Full access privileges, you can allow them to open the area where fields and tables are defined. Additionally they can add, delete, activate, and deactivate all subordinate level Accounts, but not [Full Access] ones.

The real question however is why this approach is needed. If you're helping them, why would they delete your Account?


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