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printing portals, mulitple pages

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Hope this is an easy one. I have a portal that contains multiple line items. These line items may increase enough so that it will have to go to another page. Without going into the related file of individual items and creating a new report, is there a way to have the portal records extend onto multiple pages when printing. Sorry for the run on sentence. Thanks.


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Wellll, yes and no.

No because portals were never really designed to be printed. Especially when this kind of situation comes up. You've got to make the portal as big (long) as to show all the related records. But, it's impossible in runtime to know how long to make the portal. If you were to make it really long, that's fine, but you'll probably end up wasting a page or two that show 'blank' records.

I've seen some solutions that use three or four layouts, each with a different sized portal. It check to see how many related records there are, and then goes to the appropriate layout. But that's a fairly lame way of doing it, in my opinion.

Honestly, it would be better overall to create a report layout in the file that holds said related records. Which as you mentioned isn't what you wanted, but it's really the best overall.

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