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Hi.Apologies if this is the wrong forum.

I have a small business with FM7 located on 1 mac and mostly 1 but sometimes 2 client macs in the office. I don't use FM server.

This arrangement has run without a hitch for many years.

I recently upgraded the host mac (a powerpc G5) to leopard (10.5.6). One of the client machines is a G5 PPC iMac and the other - the problematic one- an Intel iMac. Both are running 10.5.6. and have done so for months

For the first week there were no problems but recently I am no longer able to "see" the server files from the "Open remote" dialog box. I can see the host machine in the (L) hand pane but none of the associated files I wish to open. Interestingly they are visible on the other client machine.

I have read all the help files; I have checked that FM "sharing" is turned on in the host machine and that the "files visible" radiobutton is checked. The network itself is working fine and I swapped in an alternate router/hub without benefit.

Anyone got any ideas? Do I need to upgrade to FM server 9 or 10?



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FM7 is not supported on Leopard.

8.5v2 is okay but there is no IWP, so upgrade to v10. Unfortunately there is no upgrade PRICING for you as v7 went end of life last year.

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