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Filter records to show on report

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Dear All,

I know this might a very easy question, but it's really giving me hard time, I'm new to FM, I'm coming from Access / VB background so maybe I'm still trying to do things in FM the Access way.

My question is that, I have a table which has members information, there is one field which called "Status", what I want to do is that to have a button on the main screen and when I click on it shows a report which have only members with the "Status" = "Active" only. The report is grouped by Team name, so every team have some members related to it and this work fine.

I designed the report and it's working fine, except that it shows all the records not the one with "Active" status only. So I would appreciate if someone can provide me the steps of the scripts which i can attach to this button to perform what I want.

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Hi Seifo,

You would need to add a Find Step to your script. I like handle that like this:

Enter Find Mode

Set Field (Status; "Active"

Perform Find

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