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Can't create related record through portal

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Hi - I've been battling with this all day and I just can't figure it out.

I have a DB with 3 tables all linked via an account name field. The DB is split into UI and data files (separation model) and in the data file I have joined the tables via the account name field and allow creation of related fields both ways.

When I go to tab Transactions in the UI file and add a new transaction in the portal (see record with ID 118) with an account name that does not exist (Card 3) I would have expected it to create a new record not only in the transactions data table but also in the groups and accounts tables.

Why is it not working - I can't figure it out. I have attached a scaled down copy of my DB.


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Doesn't work that way.

Creating records in one table doesn't do anything to the other tables. You may want to look into FileMaker 10, with script triggering.

There may be a way to do what you want with your version; but only if you chain the tables together and enter data in the "far" side of the chain.

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