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An indicator that more text exists in field on printout?

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This is a problem I've never personally had before, but I would guess that other developers have…

I have a report that includes an Instructions field, and the contents ranges from nothing, to a couple words, to several sentences long. How can I indicate that there is more text than is being displayed in the field?

I've thought of calculating the number of characters of each field, then make a calculated field that ends with those characters and an ellipsis if it exceeds what I decide is a good number, but unless I use a monospaced type, that ellipsis is not going to be in a reliable place.

Anyone come up with a clever way to deal with this?

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I would like a solution to this also. FM's default behavior of clipping the content and not showing an ellipses instead is very annoying and also can cut out large amounts of information if it's a website link or email address. Ex.

For a small field we have an email foo.barblixblax@example.com

The field will clip this to foo.

Lets say the field is long enough to show up to the x in blix, I would like to see something like:


so that I know there's more to the field and that it's not an erroneous entry for an email address.

Yes I realize this is because of the "word wrapping" that FM does but I have found no way to disable that.

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Well, I ended up going with a calculation that looks something like this:


Length(medication_instructions_am) < 100; medication_instructions_am;

Left(medication_instructions_am; 99) & "…"


As I indicated in my original post, the ellipsis does indeed float around a bit, but what I have is an acceptable solution for now.

Another approach might be to use the sliding / resize enclosing part features, but I think those only apply in Preview mode.

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