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Invisible Text Mask & Overlay

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You know in a list view when you have each row alternating colors. But also have two fields stacked on top of each other (one a calculated display field) the other the data entry field, you we don't have the option to FORCE the field behind to invisible. You have to mask it by making the overlay field WHITE - or some color fill. But doing so will prevent your alternating row color from appearing...

The first thing is easy .... using conditional formatting we can set the overlay field to have three sets of display color options by using a boolean condition.

Mod(Get(RecordNumber);2) = 0 for your first color

Mod(Get(RecordNumber);2) = 1 for your second color

The third condition is optional depending on your solution, In my case I wanted the row to appear

highlighted if selected as I give the users double click feature this is by setting a global variable to the current record ID or recordNumber then comparing the stored value to the current record.

$$currentRec = RecordID filled with your third highlight color...

Option A

The next part requires a bit of third party help... and requires you to install a simple true type font its called invisible and as the name implies the results of the field are invisible.

You can download it from here http://www.angelfire.com/pr/pgpf/if.html ( install it then restart FileMaker)

Ok now with your data entry field choose a forth color something to differentiate from the other 3 colors. Fill that field with the color and set your font size & weight the same as the overlay field.

Now for the conditional formatting on that field you just need to set a "1" the formula box, and choose the fill color to be white (which is begin) - then choose the invisible font.

Stack the two fields in the correct order - There you have it ....


Then the thought occurred to me can I do this with out the need for invisible font -

by using the same logic above:

1 and Mod(Get(RecordNumber);2) = 0 This time just make the TEXT the same first color background

1 and Mod(Get(RecordNumber);2) = 1 This time just make the TEXT the same second color background

With a little scripting attached to buttons and depending on number of clicks or some field triggers you can adjust for any refresh issues and other actions are required.




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Just to extend your technique, I found that rather then coloring the text using custom formatting, I set the font size to the max (500pt). And if you have a regular sized field the text will not display. If you have a field such as a memo field that is quite large in respect to regularly sized fields you may see some of the characters.

Check out the images.

Picture 3.png

This text only displays if the activation to the software is invalid

Picture 4.png

Picture 5.png

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Brilliant! Thank you for this one, it works great.

This all brings up the question... why in 10 full versions on FM have they not added the capability to make an object invisible by calculation or set the font color to alpha?!?!? :-/ ;-)


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