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Unsure why i can not open database

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Hello everyone.

I came into the office today to find that i could not log into our database. I checked the computer that hosts it and opened the server admin. from there i found our database which has status of "Closed". From there I tried to open it and all the status says is "Checking" and then returns to being closed. Am i missing something really obvious here?

I'm sorry if there has been similar posts in the past, but i could not find anything to help me.

Any support would be greatly appreciated!!

Thanks in advance!

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It sounds like it might be damaged. Open it locally and try to perform File > Save A Copy As Compacted.

UPDATE: I would also suggest checking the logs to see if you can determine what might have damaged it. And you should really retire that file, ie, export the data and import into a new clean clone.

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