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Editing Multiple Records via the web

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I am new to PHP and FMPSA, and have a solution that is working well so far (knock wood). It started as an online application - no problem; then a searchable database of those applications; still great; then an editable solution.

For the most part, the editing is fine, but I have a situation where I want a user to be able to search for all of "their" records (which I can do) and then edit a single field all the way down the list of the found set. For example, they are going to view all the applications for their campus, and then check "accept" or "deny" for each record. Is there a way to allow this from a list view? Right now they have to go into each record separately which is super tedious. I am new to PHP, so if this can be solved with some code, please be specific. I have heard that this might be possible with a portal, but I am not sure what that would be.

I apologize if this has been answered, but I searched and did not find anything addressing this issue.


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A portal might help.

I'v en experience with PHP, but using IWP I'd probably start with a portal.

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