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Matthew F

Uninstalling Server

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I recently came across a license conflict problem that reinforced to me the importance of properly uninstalling FMS software when migrating to a new device.

After having preflighted my database using FMS 10 on a desktop Mac I shut down this server and tossed the /Library/Filemaker Server folder into the trash (not good). After this FMS was installed on a second dedicated server and ran fine until the day that I restarted my desktop machine. Apparently FMS demon automatically restarted on the desktop machine, generating a license conflict. The server abruptly shut down and refused to restart. The solution was to kill the Filemaker server processes on the desktop machine, properly uninstall the FMS using the original installer package and restart both machines.

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Actually, you could have just stopped the wrapper daemon from the Terminal, and that would have prevented its launching automatically.

Remember that the Console controls the database server adn the WPE, not the FileMaker Server daemon itself.


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