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Payments to Facility or Site

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I think this is going to be impossible to describe in enough detail for anyone the help but I'll try.

I'm developing a CRM that tracks Sites, Contacts, Agreements and Payments. Sites and Contacts a Many to Many so there is a join table included. To further add to the my troubles there is a link to a participant collection database (we can just call it participants). As we collect participants we track what Site the Participant came from and now the Contact provided that participant to us. (until recently only the site mattered not the contact).

The trouble I'm having is coming up with a way to record and track payments for Site and/or Contacts. We used to only have to pay a Site so it was easy. Now we have to pay either the site or the contact based on the Agreement that they have signed.

All participants have a site, all sites have contacts but I only want the participant to show up in one list to be paid. If the agreement is to pay the site they need to be on that list if it is to pay the contact they need to be on that list.

Does any of that make sense? If you have any suggestion on table structure please let me know.

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