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Creating an Accounts table?

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My apologies if this is posted in the wrong topic area, but I have a kind of newbie question about accounts tables.... I know nothing about them, except that I think I need one for a solution I'm working on, and I don't know how to get past one crucial hurdle....

What I THINK they can be used for is to keep track of who is logged into a database at a specific time and to provide access control based on privilege sets... So, for example if person A has created record 1 in the database, and person B logs in, person b cannot delete record 1 because it is somehow marked as created by person A.... That's one example of how I'd like to use an Accounts table.... Is this reasonable?

My other example is more along the lines of enabling and disabling people's record editing capabilities based on THEIR choice. So, for example, records in my Person table would not be editable by a specific user unless they click on the big Edit Record button (thereby preventing inadvertent damage to record data as they scroll through. The Account table would track a) who is currently logged in and ??? what their edit settings are for a particular table (based on custom, calculation-based privilege sets). Reasonable? Or is there some other way to do this one I'm missing?

So the really basic bits I cannot think of how to do are: how to set up a field so that when User A logs in it will toggle to indicate that User A is logged in; and how to key that field to other tables so it can be used in calculations etc.... If anybody has any newbie hints or suggestions, I'd appreciate them....


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