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Daniel N

Check if a file exists, with alias over Network?

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I want to user "Perform Applescript" to check if a file exists on our Network.

I have no problem to check if a file exists locally on the computer I'm on, for example... this works for me:

alias "Macintosh HD:Users:edit:Sites:index.html"

However, when I try to do the same with a file that's on our Network I doesn't work:

alias "raid01:SYSTEM:shotsubmit:test.txt"

I only get: The file raid01:SYSTEM:shotsubmit:test.txt couldn't be found. (Got a Swedish OS, so it might not say exactly that in the English version).

The Network drive is mounted. If I go to:


In the terminal and write "ls"

It shows:

Macintosh HD raid01

(and I can navigate all the way to my file)

I have basically never used a Mac before today, do you need add something extra in your Applescript if you want to check if a file exists on a Network drive?


Figured it out. Seems that raid01 is actually in uppercase RAID01 (which is weird since neither the terminal or finder shows it as uppercase, however when I used manually added the file with Import Records it showed it in uppercase)

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