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Adjust Window Script step failing

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This is happening in two of my databases.

The first is in my customer database. I have a button in another database that runs a script to open the customer database and allow the user to search for a customer. The window itself is probably only a few hundred pixels tall or long. The script is as follows:

Select Window [Current Window]

Show/Hide Status Area [Hide]

Adjust Window [Resize to Fit]

Go to Layout ["Find Customer Info" (customer)]

Set Error Capture [On]

Enter Find Mode [Pause]

Perform Find []

Set Error Capture [Off]

If [Get( FoundCount ) = 0]

  Show Custom Dialog ["I have a custom message here"]

  Show All Records

End If

When the button is clicked the first time, the window opens and widens to the width of the entire FileMaker application window!  If I close the window and click the button again, it opens and resizes correctly to fit.

The second occurs on the database 'home screen', where links to all other databases can be found.  This script runs when the database is opened.  It is as follows: 

Adjust Window [Maximize]

Perform Script ["Set Menus"]

Show/Hide Status Area [Hide]

Exit Script[]

The Set Menus script does not have anything in it that would adjust the window size. It simply installs a certain menu set for users, and another for administrators. Even still, the window refuses to maximize, and opens in a window inside the application window. When it opens, it is not even large enough to show all the information on the layout, and has to be manually resized every time to view it all.

Also, I forgot to mention that both layouts have objects on them that are anchored to the left, top, and right. I don't see how this would make a difference, but any info could help.

Thanks in advance.

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