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Many records on a portal


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Hi Forum,

I hope you can help me with this problem, I have 2 tables "Films" and "Orders". On my orders table I have 8 fields where you can put in the film id and the info will appear as we sometimes have to send out more than 1 film (I had to create a relantionship 8 times). What I wanted to do is have a portal in the films layout that could show where this film had gone etc.., but in the portal I can only put the 1 set of fields from 1 relantionship not the 8.

Any ideas?



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Each related record shows up as a separate line in the portal.

I'd also get rid of that "8 different relationships" thing and make a portal with one relationship. Make your relationship based on the name (or company, or whatever main ID you use) of the one ordering the film(s), perhaps combined with the date of the order (that way, each record in "Orders" has a unique key field).

Now create a relationship in "Films" based on the film ID, and you'll be able to see all the info in one portal.

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I think what you'll need to do is have an Orders db with one record per Client Order, of which there may be many. You already have your Films db set up, so you'll need a join file between Order and Films...OrderLineItems. This file will serve two objectives. It will:

- allow you to create line items populated with a film per line in Orders

- allow you to query it from Films to see what Clients ordered a particular film.

Both can be accomplished using portals:

Orders==>OrderLineItems by OrderID with a portal in Orders and

Films==>OrderLineItems by FilmID with a portal in Films.

OrderLineItems needs to have ClientID included in each record and calculated fields = Client demographics based on a relationship to Clients by ClientID so that they'll be available in the Films portal. If you want to view film specifics in the Orders portal in each line, then you'll have to pull that information into OrderLineItems via a relationship to Films by FilmID.

Just make sure when you create a new order line item, preferably by script, that you set OrderID, ClientID, and FilmID appropriately.

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This topic is 7423 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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