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Too many MySQL relations??

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I have an FMP file that is interfacing with my online store. I'm still setting both up, and I've run into an odd problem. In FMP I have some relations set up between some of the MySQL tables. One in particular is the two categories tables - it has one with the main cat. info, the other with just the name (for multi language support)

Initially I had the names table related to the cat. table, which was then related to the local FMP table (made a chain) When I did this, and closed FMP, the file absolutely refused to open - FMP kept crashing on startup. But when I shut off my internet connection, it would open. Also, with the internet back on, I could open any other file with no problem.

I ditched the relation between the two SQL tables, and then FMP would open most of the time, but it still crashed once in a while upon opening. Just wondering if anyone else has had such an issue?

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