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Importing data from a runtime question

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Howdy, all:

Here's the scenario: I have an old runtime and a new runtime (both FM v10.x) and want to import the data from the old one to the new one. The OLD.SCR file, inside the file, "OLD SOLUTION", will reside on the computer's Desktop while the new one will reside in a USB 'thumb' drive. What I want to do is script the import process.

Here's where I'm having trouble: What would be the syntax for a script instruction to look for the OLD.SCR on the desktop? As is, FM asks me to find where the OLD.SCR file is with each table import...and that gets old real fast after a couple of tables.

While I'm at it, since only (apparently) one runtime can be open at a time, is there a way to get around the same issue where FM asks me to insert the username and password each time it addresses the OLD runtime as well?

TIA, and have a relaxing, holiday weekend.



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This post might help:


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