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Looking to count value in multiple valuelists

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I am looking the count the content of value list fields. There are 8 value list fields on the table that I would like to know the content count for.

The value list field contains one of 10 choices and there are 8 fields that a user can populate.

What I would like to find and list is the value and how many times it comes up in those 8 fields.

So I am looking for it to show on a report like this.

ValueOne = 30

ValueTwo = 20

ValueThree =2 5


Thanks in advance for any help.

I am developing this in FM 10 Adv and my users are on FM 10.

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This isn't quite clear: why are there 8 fields - do they all use the same valuelist, and if so, are duplicate choices allowed? In short, a less abstract description would be helpful.

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There are 8 fields to list multiple problems that are in the same value list and no they are all to be different.


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no they are all to be different.

I am not sure how you enforce that, but that's not the point. The issue here is bad data structure, with 8 fields doing the job of what would ideally be 8 (or any number of) related records (or at least a single field with return-separated values, e.g. a checkbox).

You could still produce a kind of the report you want, provided you have a table of problem values (not just a value list), and a calculation field in the :P table (where the 8 fields are) =

List ( Problem1 ; Problem2 ; ... ; Problem8 )

If you define a relationship between the 2 tables using the calculation field, then each Problem record can count its related records. However, it's merely an ugly patch on the real flaw, and it has the drawback of ignoring any found set in the :P table - it will always summarize ALL records in that table.

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